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The Australian Biome Project Partners with United Nations Association of Australia, Western Australia

The Australian Biome Project (ABP) has officially partnered with the United Nations Association of Australia, (UNAA) through their Western Australian Division. Our partnership with the UNAAWA is strengthened with their Vice Chair of the W.A Environmental Committee Dr Marianne Dahle joining the ABP Team.

Our recent conversations with UNAA W.A President Dr Steve Lennon, Vice President Dr Sandy Chong Yee-Ling, Jurgen Baumhoff and Dr Marianne Dahle have inspired and energised the project team with their vision and passion for sustainable development and human rights. The UNAA team has a deep understanding of the Biome Project and has described how it speaks directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set bold and transformative steps to shift the world onto a sustainable path, encompassing PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY, PEACE, AND PARTNERSHIP.

The strong synergies created by our partnership will result in a transformation of Western Australia’s economic, environmental, social and cultural landscapes. The multi faceted Australian Biome Project contributes directly and indirectly to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. For example, the Biome will provide experiences in healing modalities and access to bush medicines. It will contribute to the education and awareness about the conservation and restoration of our terrestrial eco systems. The Ocean Biome will provide real time experiences of our unique Western Australian marine environments such as the Ningaloo Reef. It will provide education, awareness and inspire action to sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal eco systems from pollution. The Australian Ocean Biome will, through cutting edge technologies engage and immerse students and visitors in the marine environments as well as connecting with researchers in real time. The Australian Biome Project will demonstrate the use of affordable and clean energy, facilitate the development and growth of regional economies and support the development of Indigenous bush foods and native food production enterprise. The partnership between the UNAAWA and the Australian Biome Project will realise many projects and opportunities for school students, local and international visitors to participate and contribute to realising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as Dr Steve Lennon states…”the Sustainable Development Goals give us a roadmap on which we can drive an agenda of sustainable Development for Australia.

The Biome project provides a perfect platform to show how interrelated and integrated these goals are. The accessibility of the biome will ensure that ‘no one is left behind’ in being able to access insight into the important steps we need to take in ensuring a sustainable life for future generations ” Australian Biome Project team member, Jim Singleton has also raised the link between the Biome Project and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). He states..”This is an important global declaration and therefore extraordinary that in Australia the UNDRIP is barely ever mentioned or raised in the diverse activities affecting Aboriginal communities and culture. Australia is behind the game on this, and as a matter of national standing and reputation within the global community, we should urgently improve this situation. There are many ‘Articles’ within the UNDRIP enunciating principles directly relevant to the Australian Biome Project intentions and purpose.”

The partnership between the ABP and the UNAA will provide leadership and present pathways for Western Australia to achieve great advances against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UNDRIP.

Hydrogen Energy Group

The Australian Biome Project team has joined forces with Furat Dawood, founder of the Hydrogen Energy Group (H2E). The alliance with H2E is an exciting step forward in achieving the projects goal of ZERO EMISSIONS through the use of sustainable energy sources.

The Australian Biome Project team is committed to installing, using and showcasing a combination of solar, wind and hydrogen energy solutions for the site.

The use of Hydrogen energy is a very exciting piece of this framework. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that Hydrogen power will change the world as we know it.

Furat and the H2E team will guide the design and implementation of Hydrogen energy technologies within the project.

This will showcase WA as a sustainable energy technologies hub to the world and provide WA University and school students an exceptional research and educational facility .