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Ralph Mogridge is a Noongar man with ties to the Yued, Gnarla Karla Boordja and Binjareb peoples.  He has extensive experience, knowledge and a proven track record working positively with Aboriginal people, youth and children which span over 28 years and across all levels of Government, Non-Government Organisations and the mining and resources industry.


Ralph has delivered Cultural Awareness Training to both Government and Non-Government agencies such as Department of Justice, Main Roads Authority, Lendlease, Headspace Midland and many others.  His Out-Of-The-Square thinking challenges participants to think differently about Aboriginal/Non-Aboriginal issues.


Ralph has been sharing his positive experiences and knowledge with Aboriginal people throughout WA who have benefitted from his sound advice and common-sense approach to making the changes necessary to improving their living standards and everyday issues.
















Rod Garlett says he spent most of his life in his home town of Northam. His late uncle was an accomplished bark painter and taught younger men the art. “I miss him but you get to walk alongside them for a while for a reason,” Rod says. “When they go you must carry on the stories and remember the sites that they showed you and always care for them.”

As an Aboriginal man with Yued, Ballardong and Wadjuk heritage, Rod began painting stories based on significant sites of his ancestors, and ancestral beings. He places tremendous importance on the fact that he lives and works in his ancestral Avon, Swan and Canning River country.

“It’s a huge bonus to be able to paint from a country where your inheritance lies, your spirit is connected, where you’ve been born, where you have lived,” he says. “And also a place where you’ve been taught culture. Taught by the Elders, the stories of that place, their meaning and how they fit with us today and how we will walk the rest of our journey.”
He is standing a short distance from the sacred pool, and picks up a handful of that special sand.

“It’s sad because the sand tells another story about country, about destruction of country,” he says. “It’s the topsoil of the farmlands. All the natural barriers that were holding country together are now allowing country to fall apart. So the topsoil is the sand that’s falling into the river that will eventually choke the river system.”














MEDIA RELEASE 8th December 2019

The Australian Biome Project partners with Summit Climbing Walls


The Australian Biome team is very excited to officially partner with Summit Climbing Walls.

Summit Climbing Walls are leaders in the design, construction and operation of climbing walls and experiences throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.  They build and design climbing walls that offer a superior climbing experience and are constructed to the Australian Standards for artificial rock climbing walls (AS 2316.1-2009).

Summit Climbing Walls has extensive experience in climbing, general route setting and competition setting to provide thrill seekers with a variety of high quality climbing routes.


Summit Climbing Walls will design, construct and operate the largest and most technically advanced climbing wall within the Australian Biome. The designs will include walls for beginners up to the most challenging for the most experienced rock climbers. The designs will replicate some of the most spectacular climbs available in Western Australia.




The Australian Biome Special effects content developers will work with Summit Climbing Walls to integrate location specific VR and AR imagery within the climbing experiences.

The inclusion of spectacular climbing locations within the Biome will add to its many “wow” factors.


Climbing programs will be available as part of the Human Biome’s suite of wellness programs as well as to committed climbers, school students and corporate groups of all levels.

The Summit Climbing program will also support Aboriginal and youth leadership and wellness programs.


“We are very excited to be working in partnership with the Australian Biome Project on this amazing project.  We aim to bring the sights, sounds and heights of our vast Western Australian landscape to the visitors of the Australian Biome Project providing a completely immersive climbing experience.”  Damien Hall – SUMMIT Climbing Walls 

Telephone 61 8 9248 7035

2/26 Harris Road
Malaga WA 6090

Monday – Friday 10am–10pm
Weekends + PH 11am–7pm



































Australian Biome Project partners with Quest East Perth

Quest East Perth in conjunction with the CEO institute WA has undergone a major remodelling with the top floor of the hotel being transformed into an exclusive rooftop bar, networking, meeting and events space. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Quest East Perth owner Byron McDonald, this is now officially the central headquarters for the board of the Australian Biome project and will complement our current meeting facilities at Alpha building Perth Airport and The Backlot Perth our 50 seat private cinema in Leederville.


There are now more than 100 people involved directly or indirectly with the project from around the globe either as consultants, volunteers or advisors.

The association between the Quest East Perth and the ABP has its origin with the friendship between Byron and ABP spokesperson and board member Adam Barnard. Byron and Adam are both former soldiers and veterans and have been friends and colleagues for many years in the WA tourism industry.

As the project evolves Quest East Perth will become the hotel of choice for visitors to Perth involved with the planning and construction of this incredible project.

Byron was immediately inspired by the Australian Biome Project and considers it to be a game changer for the Perth and Western Australian tourism landscape.

“This project will be amazing for the Western Australian economy, WA has lost traction with International tourism growth compared to the eastern states. The mining boom was great for the economy but had a negative effect on tourism because the average hotel room rate did not make commercial sense for inbound operators. Now we are well equipped to embrace the next phase of growth with more infrastructure and high quality hotel rooms.

The Biome Project will be a global tourism attraction that will draw people from all over the world and finally diversify the WA economy. I’m proud to be a part of it'.

New partnerships will be announced continuously in the weeks ahead.


Two new members join our Aboriginal Advisory council

20th December 2019

rod g.jpg

14th October, 2019 AWST 9.00pm

Perth Airport signs MOU with Australian Biome Project

Perth Airport could become home to the proposed Australian Biome Project which would showcase Western Australia’s biodiversity and Aboriginal culture to international tourists.


Perth Airport and the Australian Biome Project will sign a Memorandum of Understanding which will ring fence a 15-hectare site in the Airport West precinct whilst the business case is worked up and the scheme developed.


The potential site is adjacent to the Airport Observation Deck and the airfield and close to both Tonkin Highway and the Redcliff railway station.


Perth Airport’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Brown said that the Biome project would complement the development of the Airport West precinct.


“Perth Airport is progressively developing land that is not required for current or future aviation purposes and our estate has already become the destination of choice for a number of business operators over recent years,” Mr Brown said.


“As a major employment centre new retail or tourism projects, which create jobs and economic activity, have become a very important part of our business.


“This agreement will allow the Biome Project team time to do the detailed work to determine the viability of the project and secure funding. While Perth Airport does not have a financial involvement in the project, this MOU will allow the Biome Project team to advance their work knowing that a suitable site is available.


“It will also allow them to undertake the important process of engaging and consulting with the indigenous traditional custodians of the airport estate through the Perth Airport Partnership Group.


Australian Biome Project spokesman Adam Barnard said the project draws inspiration from the Eden Project in Cornwall and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.


“We will look to develop large dome structures showcasing the rich biodiversity of WA, and will display Dreamtime creation stories, traditional lifestyles and Aboriginal art,” Mr Barnard said.


“The project is on an exceptional scale, and is designed to be a global attraction, filling our hotel rooms with visitors from around the world.


“Given its proximity to the CBD, the great transport links, and the way Perth Airport is becoming a consumer-focused retail hub, the Biome Project could be a welcome addition to Airport West,” Mr Barnard said.


Beverley Rebbeck - Australian Biome Board member (Aboriginal Affairs) said that It’s been an incredible and fantastic journey working with the Australian Biome team.

“This will be a project representative of all Aboriginal people and our culture throughout the state of WA. I am looking forward to helping develop new and exciting ways to share the stories, song lines and narratives of the Aboriginal dreamtime, and working closely with the Perth Airport,” Ms Rebbeck said


26th August 2019

The Australian Biome Project Board of Director’s are delighted to introduce Beverley Rebbeck and formally announce her assistance to the project.

Beverley is the Chair of iHELP and has a long history of working in Aboriginal Affairs to benefit the Aboriginal community.

Beverley Rebbeck’s past association was as Land Operations Officer/Land Branch Department of Indigenous Affairs.

Beverley Rebbeck is a Noongar Woman. Her father’s country is the Kaneang and her mother’s country is the Wilman from the south-west, of WA.

Beverley has worked with Commonwealth, State and Local Government as well as with Universities and has also played a large role in setting up the Noongar Language Centre and continues to work in the community.

Beverley is currently working to bring together all aboriginal groups, land councils around the state in support of Biome project.

Working together we can and will change the narrative once and for all.

MEDIA RELEASE 22nd June, 2019


The Australian Biome Project Team is very excited to welcome

Bart Pigram to the project Advisory Board.

Bart Pigram is a Yawuru man from the West Kimberley region of northwest Australia. Born and bred in Broome Bart has a passion for telling the complete

story of life in Broome. Drawing on knowledge gained from living a saltwater lifestyle as well as professional training as a curator,

Bart started Narlijia Tours in 2015.

Narlijia means ‘true for you’ in the Yawuru (Australian Aboriginal) language reflecting Bart’s wish to tell the ‘entire’ story sharing his Aboriginal and multicultural perspective first hand. Being part of the large Pigram-Puertollano family Bart belongs to a long tradition of pearling workers and musicians. This heritage enables Bart many rich and fascinating stories of life around the beautiful turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay, Broome.

A natural entertainer you can join Bart on one of his unique tours of Broome and the Bay and see the country and lifestyle from his unique perspective including Dampier Creek and the rich pickings in the mangrove forests and on the jabalbal (mudflats)

“As an Aboriginal tour operator in the remote West Kimberley region, I have experienced the constant challenge of bringing awareness and value to our ‘Cultural Landscape’ and the rich narrative behind it for our visitors.

I see the Biome Project based in Perth as a conduit to our remote locations in WA and a platform to initiate interests of visitors to explore our ancient Aboriginal interpretation of our lands and seas. I am also appreciative of any respectful engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses that embrace the survival of our culture, country and community’


. - Bart Pigram, Owner-Operator Narlijia Experiences Broome. The Kimberley now has exceptional representation from the West Kimberley with Bart
joining James Brown, Marine Scientist, Managing Director of Pearls of Australia and Cygnet Bay Pearls on the ABP team.


18th June 2019

Visor immersive new tech partner will deliver ABP VR platforms

“ABP’s latest Technology Partnership with Visor immersive will see the delivery of an advanced Virtual reality platform combining some of the latest technology equipment to deliver Aboriginal, cultural and Tourism immersion experiences at the highest level.

Oculus Rift head gear, Epson Moverio AR glasses, 110 feet of Direct view Samsung HDR fine pitch LED video walls and the installation of Trinov ovation processors in a cinematic Dolby Atmos and Hamasaki 22.2 configuration will be married together with 24 Klipsch Pro cinema speakers in each virtual world that will contribute to deliver a stand-alone immersion never before seen in Australia” explains Terrence Dewar, Chairman of Australian Biome Project.

“For our visitors to gain a total experience of a tour or immersion in historical content or activity, Our Goal is to deliver the very best platforms and achieving that requires expertise, technology and creativity. Our Virtual experiences will make you feel part of the immersion, Visor immersive becoming a valued technology Partner will help deliver that experience” he said.

Australian Biome Project is excited to include Visor immersive as a major tech partner and look forward to current and future development of ABP media projects in advanced immersive collaborations.

James Brown.jpg


MEDIA RELEASE 11th June 2019



The Australian Biome Project team is excited to welcome Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm Pearls of Australia and the Kimberley Marine Research Station to the project.

James Brown is a passionate marine scientist and 3rd generation Broome pearl farmer. He is Managing Director of Pearls of Australia and Cygnet Bay Pearls. James also established the Kimberley Marine Research Station in 2009 - the only independent marine research station in the country!

The Kimberley Marine Research Station (KMRS) is an industry associate member of the Western Australian Marine Science Institute, WAMSI, and works closely with universities across WA, Traditional Owners and Indigenous Rangers. The research station conducts monitoring programs on our coral reefs, intertidal ecology and plankton communities.

James and the Australian Biome Team will establish links and projects between the Kimberley Marine Research Station and the Ocean Biome. We envisage opportunities to further develop pathways for students and other visitors to engage with the KMRS and the its Traditional Owner and Indigenous Ranger partners. The Australian Biome will showcase the operations of Australian Pearls and the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm providing further global exposure to the industry that provides a unique and exceptional tourism experience.

James has established partnerships with Indigenous tour businesses resulting in the extension of the ‘Australian Pearling Story’ back tens of thousands of years with the tribes of Kimberley using pearl shell as the medium for their customary art and trade networks across the country. His passion for the environment, Aboriginal culture and inclusion of Indigenous businesses in his business model mirrors the vision and passions of all involved in the Australian Biome Project.

James is quoted as saying, “I am a strong believer that there is a “sweet spot” where industry and environment prosper congruently and my ambition is to find that space in the Australian Pearling story. My dream is to be able to offer my children a truly sustainable business and lifestyle that focuses on amazing Australian products crafted in harmony with nature. A future where indigenous Australian culture is understood and embraced, and the socioeconomic status of our First Nations people is at a place we can be proud of, unlike the reality of today. I believe this can be achieved in the Kimberley and I believe our new model of pearling and Aquaculture, hospitality, Industrial tourism and cultural tourism, education and research economy are key. It seems these key ingredients are strongly aligned with the Australian Biome Project.”

Welcome aboard James and the Pearls Australia, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and Kimberley Marine Research Station teams!…/kimberley-pearl-farmer-james-…

Market led Proposal


The Australian Biome Project team commends the WA state government’s proactive support for projects of state significance with the establishment of the Market-led Proposals Policy.


By engaging with and working alongside proponents to assist in the navigation of various government approval processes this will ensure innovative projects are encouraged to find a home in Western Australia. Red tape and obstructive bureaucratic processes are well recognised to have resulted in potential investors considering Western Australia simply too hard to invest and those that do try to navigate the process of attractions approvals have been left disappointed with the onerous process and poor treatment by government departments seemingly intent on providing roadblocks at every step of the way.


The Market-led Proposals Policy will be a game changer and transform Western Australia into a place that both investors and tourists have a reason to be part of.


Minister Papalia stated that "This new case management approach will ensure projects don't get bogged down in red tape and will help reduce bureaucratic delays.

It's not about getting rid of approval processes or cutting corners. It's about ensuring proponents get an outcome in a reasonable timeframe.

It's also about ensuring that Western Australia offers a range of tourist attractions that encourage people to stay longer and spend more while they are visiting the State. This in turn creates more jobs and helps grow our economy."


The Australian Biome Project is the most innovative and multi-faceted project to be offered to Western Australia.  The project has captured the imagination of people and organisations from around the world. The concept of taking the environmental platforms of the Eden Project in Cornwall and the Singapore Gardens By The Bay and integrating the experience with the Aboriginal Australian cultural and historical narrative has been described as a “Global scale attraction” and “Not just an attraction, but a must see destination in its own right”.


The Australian Biome Project is a multifaceted project featuring the environmental biomes that make up this ancient continent and surrounding oceans. It will provide for International visitors and local students alike, with breath taking experiences of our natural and cultural landscapes. The project will transform the Western Australian economy as an economic generator and multiplier.


The Australia Biome Project will be a place to bring awareness and research into our environmental challenges as well as a place to welcome and celebrate the cultural diversity of WA. The project will be a beacon for cross cultural diversity, inclusion and harmony education and  – it is what the world needs now.


It meets all the Market – led Proposals criteria as well as those of the State Governments Cultural Infrastructure Development Strategy. The Australian Biome Project has partnered with the United Nations Australia Association who determined that the Australian Biome Project articulates with and supports all of their 17 Sustainability Goals.


The Project team is pleased to formally announce our intention to submit the Australian Biome Project concept for consideration via the Market-led proposal scheme and is currently securing seed capital to complete pre-feasibility and project plans required to secure equity investments for which we have significant Australian and International interest. 


The Market- led Proposal Policy will greatly assist in establishing the Australian Biome Project and elevating Perth to the global bucket list.

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